Workable Tips How to Improve Your Mobile Application


No matter whether you have a completed application or just starting to create the one, there is always a field of improvement. These tips may be your salvation in the battle of constant improvement of the app, so just follow them:

Proven Tips to Make your Mobile Application Better

  1. The app should support real-time experiences. Make sure that your app sends only the most up-to-date information.
  2. Your product has to be highly responsive. The respond time of your app should be no longer than 4 seconds, as great user experience depends on interactivity and responsibility of the app. Use the development platform that enables you to create apps that have perfect speed index.
  3. What will happen to your app of it goes viral? Always keep in mind massive scale – the app should not crash and respond perfectly even when millions of users are using it.
  4. Your app should work properly on all devices and platforms at the same time. And assure yourself that the application supports all push notification methods, it is really important.
  5. When developing the app, it is necessary to use tools that can reach the market quickly. Learn new tools and platforms as there are plenty of it, there is no need to waste time and reinvent the wheel.
  6. The app should make use of device features – enhance the functionality of the app.
  7. Always send the most up-to-date changed data, so after the Internet connection is lost the user will get to the point where he left upon reconnection.
  8. The app should cooperate with the cloud and corporate and back-end systems so use plugin adapters.
  9. Pay attention to the insights. Analyze the use of the app, the most common devices and the most common usage flows.
  10. Think about security measures for the app. For example, make sure that all network traffic is encrypted, and sensitive information requires authorization for access.
  11. Use open flexible templates based on the open technologies like Eclipse or Apache Cordova.
  12. Do not grudge the time for testing – it is vital for the success of the app.
  13. Think of the target audience. If the end-users are within your own organization, do not validate app in public AppStore, set up your on one.