What Shareware Has to Be on Your PC?


Here is a list of definite must-haves that have to be on every computer as they streamline work process, boost entertainment to a new higher level and organize everything in such a way that it is really easy and pleasant to use the PC.

List of useful free tools

  1. No one can underestimate the importance of Instant Messaging nowadays. That is why there are dozens of IM apps and it is really difficult to cope with them. Some your friends use iChat, others Skype, a couple will use Viber and the rest – AOL Instant Messenger. Adium is a multi-service client that connects different IM networks in one place, so there is no need to use all of them separately.
  2. Despite the fact that this utility was released 10 years ago, it is still workable and useful. This tool controls work of both your laptop and desktop PC so the work process will be sped up.
  3. This tool is very useful for those who prefer to watch movies on iPod or AppleTV. The tool optimizes any movie file to .m4v files, so afterwards you will be able to watch them with help of iMovie.
  4. Customize the notification system according to your needs and stop wasting time because of missing the end of certain process. For example, you can be notified about the completed downloading, incoming emails and IM messages, that you usually do not check regularly.
  5. This utility will be able to revive PCs that have problems with disks and permissions. The utility does disk and permission repairs, clears cache and some other useful functions.
  6. Perfect Word replacement, this word processor has many useful and powerful functions and it is worth that $50 asked for it.
  7. This is a total must for Mac laptop users that creates a work setup for places where you use your laptop frequently with help of WiFi networks, USB and Bluetooth devices. For example, with its help you can launch apps, set printer or screen saver settings.
  8. This tool can be used as an application launcher, controller and keystroke emulator.
  9. LiteSwitch X. This shareware tool allows you to control Command-Tab Application Switcher more effectively.
  10. This tool gathers all information about on-going processes in the menu bar of the PC, so there is no need to open another one app to keep track of all activities.