Web Tools and Useful Applications for Everyone


If you use computer technologies a lot, you know there are plenty of tools that can make your life much easier. Yet, there are a lot of new things appearing every day, and here are some of the coolest applications for any occasion.

List of the applications and resources

  1. is a cool place with thousands of PC and Mac software gathered in one place – saves the time and nerve you would spend on search.
  2. Gif Constructor Set is a simple tool for creating animated gifs that you will definitely add to your favorites.
  3. Ender Design: Realm Graphics has more than 300 for page backgrounds and fills, as well as hundreds of cool button designs and icons. If you have a designer block you can come here for inspiration or some actual ideas.
  4. Pure Mac is a place where you can get all the freeware and software for your favorite working horse.
  5. Arachnophilia is a useful resource for web designers, as it is a free HTML editor that also supports CGI, Perl, C++ and Java, and has FTP client built in. you can as well use it for converting RTF files into HTML ones.
  6. Notepad 2 that works with Windows XP, 9x, NT, and supports Unicode, Unix and Mac text files is a free text editor you should not forget about. It has a useful option of syntax highlighting and basic expression search and replace, so be sure to install it to your computer before you start doing a big project.
  7. 1st Page 2000 is a web editor from Evrsoft with a choice of four levels – from easy to hardcore. Try using all of them for a better result.
  8. Dane Prairie Systems is an alternative for popular PDF creating software which is Adobe Acrobat. You can either choose a free version for a non-commercial use, or buy a copy – the price is not that high, and you can get a discount for several copies.
  9. Qualcomm’s Eudora Place is a new word for e-mailing – it offers you sending a recorded voice message which is pretty convenient for those who communicate a lot.