Top Online Screen Sharing Tools that Are Available for Free


Screen sharing software is an inevitable part of work process in teamwork or in big corporations. Why? Because it is the most convenient way to support users, share data and repair any going out of order in remote way. As a result, the productivity of the team workers grows, the users get well-timed assistance and there is no need to wait for arrival of the IT specialist. Moreover, it is a great and fun way to educate your near and dear how to use some new tools or programs on their computers.

This article provides a list of useful screen sharing tools:

This site is a brainchild of LogMeIn creators (the service that provides remote access to your own PC). One of the distinctive features of this service is that it is not simple screen sharing. It is a tool that enables you to demonstrate your actions to 10 users, you can give control over the device to other person, discuss it in the chat and transfer files. More than that, it is possible to view your actions with help of mobile app.


Millions of people use Skype, but not many know about it. The feature of screen sharing opens with Premium plan when you make a video call and via the voice call if you are using free plan.


Great tool that takes only 20 seconds to load. The process is simple – you recive a code and send it to the user you want to share screen with. The second user will get access to your device even if he uses a smartphone. The one thing to take into consideration is Java support – the tool works on Java, so you will have to enable Java on your Apple device as Macs’ Java is usually disabled.

Quick Screen Share

With help of this tool it is possible to take control over mouse and keyboard, however, again, this tool requires Java. And, as the tool provides one-to-one connection, there may be problems with using it in corporate networks.


Perfect tool for online meetings that can last up to 6 hours. The site is user-friendly and all you need is to register, that takes minutes.