Top 30 Tools for PC System


With help of this list of tools you will be able to better your work on the PC. These free tools sometimes surpass commercial counterparts, you just have to know what to search for.

List of Must-have PC Maintenance Tools

  1. CrystalDiskMonitor checks the condition of a hard drive protecting you from unexpected failure and expensive recovery of data stored there.
  2. TeamViewer is a tool for remote connection to the other PC.
  3. CS Fire Monitor checks the condition of all processes, network, hardware and software of the PC.
  4. FixWin is a utility that can fix more than 50 problems of Windows 7, Vista and XP.
  5. Page Defrag. Although this tool is really small, it boosts the productivity of the paging key system files.
  6. This tool is effective in case if you need to recover the system, however, if your system works well, it can crash the system.
  7. Microsoft FixIt Center will help you to deal with all issues related with Windows.
  8. SystemRescueCD – this disk will help you to get access to the hard drive of your PC if your Windows doesn’t work.
  9. Belarc Advisor is a tool that gathers all hardware specifications in one place.
  10. SpeedFan will help you to monitor and manage the temperature of your PC with help of manageable fan speed.
  11. HWINFO32 diagnoses the condition of the chipsets, motherboards and processors.
  12. CPU-Z monitors the main components of the PC giving a possibility to save an share reports.
  13. ERUNT saves the Registry every time of successful Windows launch time. As a result you will be able to back up the system.
  14. AutoPatcher saves Windows updates and system components, so after reinstalling Windows you will be able to return to usual usage of the OS soon.
  15. DriverMax – ideal tool for updating and restoring drivers.
  16. Seven Transformation Pack – a set of tools for stable work of Windows 7
  17. Kludgets – a desktop sidebar tool that can be also used on Apple gadgets.
  18. CacheMyWork reopens open programs and documents after a restart of PC.
  19. Recuva is a tool for data recovery.
  20. Eraser safely deletes necessary files, folders manually or on a schedule.
  21. PC Decrapifier helps to delete unnecessary software that manufacturer installed on your new PC.
  22. Driver Sweeper helps to get rid of drivers and hardware devices.
  23. ISOBuster helps to recover data from damaged CD.
  24. Unknown Device Identifier is a real must-have as it helps to specify unknown devices.
  25. Switcher helps to switch between all opened windows and programs.
  26. Launchy helps to launch programs and get access to files from the desktop.
  27. IcoFX helps to create new icons for Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  28. DeskSave saves the position of icons on the desktop and helps to recover it if something changed.
  29. AM-DeadLink looks through the browsers in order to find duplicated or non-working bookmarks.
  30. CCleaner searches and deletes leftover files and repairs all issues with Registry.