Tips to Improve the Quality of Mobile App Development


The following tips are focused on the Appcelerator Platform, however, the general principles can be applied to any app development process on any mobile OS.

The concept of beauty changes from platform to platform. The user interface of the same app on the different platforms will differ greatly, though all versions should look nice and eye-pleasing, just meet the requirements of the platform.

So before you start to develop the design of the app, look through the principles of work of the chosen platform and the guidelines concerning the design that each OS provides. One of the advantages of Appcelerator is that with change of the platforms the code base will remain the same.

Code reusability is necessary for the app’s logic, not for UI

If the app code will be 100% reusable, the app will look completely the same across all platforms. It is perfect for web browser, but not for the application.

Think Web service when you create cross-platform apps

When you write a code for your app, think of it as bout a local web service. Programming logic should be independent from the screens and platforms. As a result, the modules will be reusable across the platforms. After that native UI can be implemented to the module, and both of them can work independently. And no matter whether you use TabbedBar on iOS or a ViewPager on Android – all will work perfectly.

Deep and shallow tabs

Android tabs have no levels of navigation, though iOS NavigationController enables creation of several levels of navigation.

Learn the distinctive features of the chosen platforms

Thus you will be able to know the possibilities of the future app. Read the guidelines of the platform attentively to make sure that you got everything properly.

Cooperate with the designers’ team

Developers and designers should work in a team in order to work more effectively without time and money lost.

Do not be afraid to use modules

Appcelerator offers a Native Module Development Framework and with its help it is possible to improve the quality of the cross-platform API.

Never forget about testing

If you are making a cross-platform app, do not focus and test constantly only one platform and the second in the last moment.