Simplify the Mobile App Development with This Tools Tenner


Mobile App Development

There are many tools, approaches, coding languages and platforms for mobile app development, and it is obvious that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. Every developer chooses the most appropriate toolset and approach to the app creation, and now it is time to share our opinion about quick and simple ways of the app development. This article describes our favorite tools and platforms that do not require code language or need low-code knowledge.

Alpha Anywhere

This tool is the best for creating Web and hybrid apps that will work even in the offline mode. The support of the tool is solid, and constant improvements enable you to create full-fledged apps with enhanced functionality. For example, one of the recent upgrades added a possibility to access large amounts of data with compression – now with the help of the hybrid apps users will be able to view cached media offline and create large video files in the offline mode. The price of the tool starts from $1.499 per year.

App Press

This tool helps to create apps for Android and iOS devices and calls for zero knowledge of the code. The interface of the tool resembles Photoshop, and it is known for a possibility to create an app within a day (in case if this is the first day when you see and use the tool). The prices vary from $30 to $460 per month.


This drag-and-drop Android, HTML5 and iOS app editor works on the basis of blocks and modules, layouts and actions. You can use ready blocks or create your own modules to improve the possibilities of your new app. One distinctive feature of this app is that you don’t have to pay for the usage, you pay when you want to publish completed app.

This web-based platform for creating web or mobile apps and has the form of drag-and-drop builder that uses cutting edge technologies. It is great for developers who take the work seriously – the prices here start from $412 per month, and they depend on the requirements of your project.


Here you can find various app templates for Android and iOS apps and, what is more important, these templates can be changed according to your requirements. Do not expect much from this platform, though with a fresh and original approach to customization you can receive great results. The prices vary from $5.99 to $895 per month.


Quite affordable and simple platform for app building with more than 800 templates that offers a possibility to create an app from the basics. QuickBase Web apps in future will be created according to the concepts of the responsive design. The prices here are democratic – from $15 to$40 per month.


This tool is great for both newcomers and experienced developers as it gives a possibility to start from simple things and then proceed to more complicated ones. The company has also created an enhanced Lightning App Builder that helps to create apps for desktops, tablets and smartphones. The month of SalesForce1 Platform usage will cost you from $25.


Look through the app samples of this online visual designer and you will be surprised by the quality and amount of features available. You can develop apps for free within the trial period and then pay from $33 to $129 per month.


One of the most sophisticated services for developers and it requires basic knowledge of coding languages, but trust us, it worth it. The development of the apps is free, as paid versions of the service are created for enterprises.


It is a tool for hybrid apps development – and you can use templates and modules or create everything from scratch. The prices vary from free to $11,000 per year – can you imagine what possibilities premium users get?