Learn the Essentials of – Ware Programs


Searching for new programs in the Internet you can find a lot of different terms like freeware, adware, shareware, open source etc. What are the distinctions between these terms and programs and how to figure out, what are free and safe to use? Let’s find out.


This kind of fully-fledged software is free to use as long as you want. The developer of the software is considered to be the only owner of it, so he can change the next release of the freeware into paid product. Users can’t change the product as there is no code provided and they cannot sell this software.


Consider it as a freeware with confided set of features and if you want to get a fully-functioning software you will have to purchase a commercial version or search for a shareware.

Free Software

It is necessary to separate terms of free software and freeware. Free software can be distributed for money! In this very case “free” means mostly the unrestraint of usage – users can use, study, improve and distribute this software. Free software gives access to a source code, so users can apply changes to it. As a result, when user decides to distribute modified version of the software, he has to give both changed and unchanged source code.


This kind of freeware makes requests to donate to an author or charity, though these requests can be skipped.

Open Source

Do not entangle free software with open source. In open source software users are able to look and fix bugs in it, though this software is protected by the copyright.

Shareware (Trialware, Liteware)

In fact, this software is used for a demonstration of its possibilities available for certain amount of time. After a trial period user no longer can use the program for free. In Liteware version some possibilities are blocked and are opened only after a purchase.


This software is free, though you will agree that your PC would work better without it – adware renders pop-ups that can be disabled with a purchase of the registration key.


Installing bundleware you get a software you want with a set of malicious programs.


This software collects info about your browsing habits in order to provide more aggressive and customer-oriented ads.


This is software that can harm your computer and is hard to be removed.