Application Developer: From Newbie to Pro


The total global mobile applications market is expected to be worth #25 billion this year. The temps of development of the market are astonishing so no wonder that many companies have chosen the way to create poor quality apps that are fast to make and easy to replace. However, this is not the way how the things should be done.

Ways to Manage your Application Development process

  • Planning of the work is essential for the success. Analyze the needs of the end-users. Sometimes mobile app can be replaced with the mobile-friendly website with no compromise in quality.
  • Think over manageability of the app. The client can dream up a mobile application, however, it is easier said than done. Once you have defined the main purpose of the app, involve the development team and brainstorm the needs and tools for creation of the app. Mobile apps require more flexibility and user involvement than any other development projects, mind that.
  • Consider time necessary for release of the project. Mobile apps require updates, bug fixes and changes and time to do it. That is why you have to take into consideration user feedback and real-world testing that also takes additional time. Users do not tolerate the poor experience so you have to do your best to provide the high quality product.
  • Test your app with help of the most non-tech savvy member of your family or friend (usually moms are used as laboratory rats). If she can open and use the app from the word go than you are doing it right, if not – consider some changes in the app, simplify it.
  • Test the app on all achievable smartphones that run on all popular OS.
  • Your product should accommodate new developments – and it is essential in this rapidly changing sphere.
  • Analyze the website traffic data to get a clear notion what are the most popular platforms and devices. Pay attention even to oddly-featured versions of Android if most of your users use it.