Simplify the Mobile App Development with This Tools Tenner

Mobile App Development

There are many tools, approaches, coding languages and platforms for mobile app development, and it is obvious that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. Every developer chooses the most appropriate toolset and approach to the app creation, and now it is time to share our opinion about quick and simple ways of the app development. This article describes our favorite tools and platforms that do not require code language or need low-code knowledge.

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Security Essentials for Web Developers

Security for Web DevelopersModern web development field is competitive, fast growing and it often requires lots of quick decisions, in-depth knowledge and ability to adapt to new environment. Businesses that have software as the source of their profits need faster production.

But as the IT is growing dramatically, development is becoming more complex – now you have to be a universal warrior who can create apps for any devices; they must be able to integrate with other services and withstand hacker attacks. Seems like a task with the star, right?

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Top Online Screen Sharing Tools that Are Available for Free

Screen sharing software is an inevitable part of work process in teamwork or in big corporations. Why? Because it is the most convenient way to support users, share data and repair any going out of order in remote way. As a result, the productivity of the team workers grows, the users get well-timed assistance and there is no need to wait for arrival of the IT specialist. Moreover, it is a great and fun way to educate your near and dear how to use some new tools or programs on their computers.

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Tips to Improve the Quality of Mobile App Development

The following tips are focused on the Appcelerator Platform, however, the general principles can be applied to any app development process on any mobile OS.

  1. The concept of beauty changes from platform to platform. The user interface of the same app on the different platforms will differ greatly, though all versions should look nice and eye-pleasing, just meet the requirements of the platform.

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How to Sell Software Successfully?

Pallid statistics states that sales of desktop and notebook PC slow down. That is the main concern of hardware and software manufacturers as with the development of new technologies, mobile apps and cloud-based software-as-a-service apps replace them in the market.

Still manufacturers of the software have to use some valid business models, as there is a huge problem in the app market – the cost of the app is so low that it is cheaper than a can of soda.

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Explanation of Different Types of Software

Free software

This kind of software is free to anyone so it is possible to use, copy and distribute the basic software or the modifications of it. Free software usually goes with available source code and it can be included to free OS. In fact, the term free doesn’t always mean the price of the software: in some cases the copy of software is installed on the PC you buy and the price of it is included to the main price. Sometimes it means that there is a possibility to get a binary copy of the software for free. That is why before downloading software marked as free always look through the description of the product to make sure that it is actually free.

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